Prevention begins before conception

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Based on the First 1000 Days of Life body of knowledge and the DoHAD (Developmental origins of Health and Disease), the platform provides the latest evidence-based information, lifestyle products, programs and resources for women and men to have a healthy preconception, pregnancy and the first two years of life – and create the best conditions for the new life’s entire lifespan continuum.

We apply the latest knowledge in Pre-Conception Medicine – a new field that helps to identify and modify the biomedical, behavioral, social risks through preventive interventions.

Our positive lifestyle behaviors have the potential to systemically improve our inherited risk for chronic disease – this is the role of the environment upon the individual, known as epigenetics. And these genes’ expression can be enforced or reduced, according to our exercise, nutrition and stress management. An improvement can lead to great benefits to brain function, including learning and coping with psychological stress – to name just a few.

The correct exercise wellness practices – for both fathers and mothers – together with excellent and precision Maternal Nutrition in pregnancy play a fundamental role in the development of the fetus and the prevention of chronic diseases:

  • They have a positive influence on fetal neuro-development
  • They prevent diabetes, cancer, CV, neuro, influencing fetal programming
  • Learning skills and IQ of the offspring improve

First Two Years – support to new mothers, mother/father/child bonding, and nutritional information.

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Dr Pecorelli has created such a valuable program which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I believe that everyone should have this information before getting pregnant so they can ensure the best possible outcomes for their children.

As a practitioner the content is valuable and relevant and such a great addition to the information that I share with my clients. Very few people realize the importance and the incredible impact of the first 1000 days life and Dr Pecorelli was able to present his years of research, knowledge and anecdotal stories in such a unique and enjoyable way.

Joanne Baldwin • Holistic Health Coach, UK

Dr. Pecorelli’s insight, experience and wisdom to develop the PECOS program is based of accumulated years of experience, current research, medicine, functional Medicine and a perspective of wellness that offers information to a broad base of practitioners and patients in a way that is logical, common sense and can be made into something more. Aspects of development through placenta information, life factors for both the approach to the parents health prior to conception and over the course of gestation and beyond in early development. 

Dr Pecorelli has blended Science with personable humanity and offered a palette of information that is useful for a broad spectrum of practitioners, nutritionists, health coaches, physical therapists, birth and post-partum educators and coaches, prenatal pilates, yoga teachers and any practitioner focused on women’s health. Fertility and conception. 

As a therapeutic fertility, prenatal and postpartum teacher supporting women through this phase of their lives for over 20 years, I highly recommend the PECOS training for further depth and understanding to provide current information in this field of interest and to be involved in the evolution of this important topic for future health and wellbeing of the next generation.

Jennifer Pettit • C_IAYT, E-RYT500, RPYT | Chandrakala Yoga

The PECOS Program is something that should be understood by all, so that people can learn how their choices and lifestyles have a greater impact beyond themselves, and can help to guide in better decision making and stress management. Dr. Pecorelli’s training course was an eye opening experience, showing me how complicated concepts can be simplified and applied to the masses for greater health outcomes. I look forward to sharing this information with my patients.

Elizabeth Simons, PT, DPT • Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Phisical Therapist